Steve Cropper
Head of Code Community Relations

About Steve

Steve Cropper has had a varied career in both the US and UK.

Specialisze in strategic partner relationship management, Open Source compliance, global business process development and working collaboratively cross company on critical business strategies and processes.

Starting out as an embedded software developer working on flight management computer systems for the A310 Airbus and USAF E6 project, through to the development of early virtualisation technologies and ending up at Cisco where he ended up in Cisco’s Supply Chain organisation where he devised, implemented and executed the policies and processes required to build a Strategic Software Supplier portfolio.

Steve won a Pioneer award as part of the team that implemented the new end to end policies and processes that impacted all major Cisco departments.

He finished his tenure at Cisco in California as Senior Manager for Software Product Lifecycle and Compliance Management being responsible for ensuring all 3rd party software used in Cisco products, embedded in hardware or deployed in app form or in the cloud, was correctly licensed, traceable and being used in a compliant way.

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